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Production Reel


June 2015--

The new landing page for the documentary is up: 55GrandThe Check it out for all the latest info with links to the facebook and twitter accounts.

Post-Ptroduction is moving well. We're hoping to have a teaser reel ready by late Fall for the Kickstarter campaign needed to fund the rest of the project. Will keep you posted when that is out.

October 2014--

Close to wrapping production on 55 Grand. Check out the facebook page for clips and a bit of the diary for the last year. Will be wrapping production this year and spending the next on post.  Will keep you posted, here and on the facebook page, when/where it will be shown.

April 2012--

We're currently in production, since Fall 2011, on my
documentary film about the notorious Soho jazz club, 55 Grand (also the film's working title), and it's brief yet significant moment amidst the wild happening that was the Electric Jazz scene in NYC in the early 1980's.

As of this early Spring posting, we're at the tumultuous halfway point of the production, but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hoping to be finished with interviews and have all materials to start on post-production by the Fall.  In the meantime, you can get a taste of some of the things you will see by checking out the promo we made for famed bass player Marcus Miller's Spring 2012 Tour to show our appreciation for his help and participation with the film.

Nov 2011--

Check out our videos for
Stoked To Serve Summer 2011.  It's a program run by the non-profit organization, Stoked Mentoring, and sponsored by the Quiksilver Foundation.  The program gives back to the communities of New York and introduces kids to the world of action sports.  For more info go to the Stoked To Serve site, the Quiksilver Foundation's Stoked page, or 
Stoked's Vimeo page As always, all of these videos can be seen on our Videos page.

Also, the Program Recap video (2nd in the web series) was highlighted at the end of the Daily Surf Report show aired on Sept. 9th during the finals of the Quiksilver Pro NY (segment starts at 21:00 in the show)

June 2011--

Have a look at a web-series we've created for young Hunter Stern on YouTube. It's a fun monthly sports talk show from a young New Yorker who is passionate about his New York Teams: 
Hunting 4 Sports.

Dec 2009--

Oct. 2009, CNBC aired a show called The Business of Innovation.  It featured  a look at, showcasing the  commercial (also on the videos page) we produced for them. 
[Read their blog about it here.]

In conjunction with this, I was also Innocentive's Featured Solver of the Month for October 2009.  In early 2009, our commercial for was  also featured in a segment about the company by NBC Chicago -- Check it out here.